Montauk Sun

July Issue – by Kimberly Esperian

Cheap Fish – A Review

The title conjures up questions of what this story could be about. Then the picture on the cover: the infamous Donny D’Albora as a little kid at the weigh-in dock at the Montauk Marine Basin. Classic. Then the author: the lovely Nanci E. LaGarenne, writer extraordinaire. I had to read this book!

Open to the prologue – cool, I got a feeling I know what this book is going to be about. I know the guy. I know the situation, then…

CHAPTER 1: Ok, kind of not what I was thinking…

CHAPTER 2: Hmmm, definitely NOT what I was thinking…

CHAPTER 3: OMG!!! Is this story for real??? How could it be? In this small town, surely I would have heard at least a rumor!

For anyone who has spent time at the docks and has gotten to know any of the famous Montauk characters inside Liars Saloon, this book keeps you interested as it twists and turns. One minute you think you know a character, next minute, not so sure. I read the book at lightning speed hoping at some point in the story a slip up would occur and there would be a name of a person or a name of a boat given by mistake that would lead me to know if this was real or a “fictitious” story after all.

Bravo Nanci, you did it! Kept me guessing till the very end and beyond. Guess I will never know the truth. I’ll have to read it again to make sure I didn’t miss something! Anyone looking for a great summer read can purchase this book at many local stores or on Amazon. Cheap Fish…read it today!